Peroxidase lab report

Peroxidase Lab Report

Remove the tubes from the 42 degrees Celsius waterbath and immediately place on ice for two minutes. This result allowed us to reject our hypothesis that the mount of enzyme added to the reaction will not affect the rate of reaction. It should be mentioned here that in class it was decided from the table of results on the board for this experiment that ICC was the optimal temperature.

The experiment was messed up due to the prolonged exposure to the cold temperatures which killed some of the cells. In general, higher temperatures equal faster reaction rates. Graph 6, Optimum Temperature for Reaction Rate of Peroxides, shows the slope of the line at each temperature.

If you did not Peroxidase lab report ampicillin to select for transformed colonies, given what you know about the pUC8 plasmid and JM strain, is there another way you could determine transformation efficiency. Dispose of this pipet in the biohazard waste.

This test was important so that we could ascertain the best amount of concentration to use in the subsequent experiments with the spectrophotometer set at absorbency NM and timed recordings at second intervals for a total of 2 minutes. They speed up the chemical reactions used by cells, but are not themselves permanently changed or used up by these reactions.

The temperature was not ideal or one of the cultures was contaminated.

If there are too many colonies to count, divide the dish into quarters by marking the lid of the dish with a marking pen and count those colonies in one quarter and multiply by four. Based on your experimental results in Part 1, did transformation occur.

The peroxidase reaction is as follows: Why do you think you got the results you did. Streaking an agar plate Were your efforts to improve the transformation efficiency successful. As for pH effects on peroxidase activity, Graph 3, indicates that the amount of acidity or basicness to a solution changes the three-dimensional structure of the enzyme and thereby changes the ability to bind with the substrate in an effective manner.

Graphing Reaction Rates Aside from curves showing enzyme optima, there is another way to compare reaction rates under varying treatments.

Dispose of this pipet in the biohazardous waste. Sometimes the enzyme works with commences or cofactors such as vitamins or metallic ions to help the binding process.

Enzyme (Peroxidase) Concentration And Enzyme Activity (Lab Report Sample) Instructions: Question Description: This is the enzyme lab report, reading and following the word Writing a lab report and you can understand what you are going to do for the report. The Enzyme Peroxidase Case Study Lab Report Autumn Vick I.

ABSTRACT: The purpose of this experiment is to learn the effects of a certain enzyme (Peroxidase) concentration, to figure out the temperature and pH effects on Peroxidase activity and the effect of an inhibitor. Lactase Enzyme Lab Report Quickly add 1 mL of lactase to the 2 tubes labeled “Milk + Lactase” and “Sucrose + Lactase, “ and 1 mL of water to the 2 tubes labeled “Milk + Water” and “Sucrose + Water.”.

Peroxidase Lab Report Paper

Lab Report Enzymes Essay Introduction This experiment is designed to test the enzyme activity of Catecholase the enzyme in potato juice, in many different conditions such as varying temperatures, ranging pH, and concentration of the enzyme, as well as concentration of the substrate.

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Peroxidase Lab Report

Joy Paul Enzyme Catalyst lab Abstract: This laboratory explores the affects pH has on a reaction rate. The reaction studied was the breakdown of hydrogen peroxide catalyzed by the enzyme peroxidase.

Peroxidase lab report
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